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BONOR L.t.d. started out, in 1995, as an idea of Dario and Riccardo Bonauguri, who were supported, in this new entrepreneurial venture by their father who has over- 30- year experience in jewelry making and who has strongly willed to maintain the jewelry tradition of the family.

Dario is the head of the administrative and public relations departments, and he is responsible for the relationships with all the trade associations involved in the jewelry-making sector as well. Dario’s appointment as Vice-President of South Tuscany Industrial Federation (Arezzo-Grosseto–Siena area) and as Vice-President of Fedeorafi(the Italian Jewelry-making Federation) is an accomplishment the company can be surely proud of.

Riccardo, who gained many years’ working experience in the company founded by his father as marketing manager, and then as head of Bonor L.t.d., is the current production, sales and design manager.

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It is San Sepolcro, the birthplace of the great Italian Reinassance painter Piero della Francesca and of the mathematician Luca Pacioli, the town where the second generation of a long- lasting experienced family, always willing to continue their jewelry-making tradition, has started a company which is always on the list of exhibitors at national and international jewelry shows..

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The company, which is equipped with the most modern technology, can rely on its skilled and qualified staff, who are deeply aware of the issues related to jewelry productive process thanks to the high-level know-how they gained in the area of Arezzo, the largest Jewelry-making district in Italy.

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Bonor L.t.d., in fact, can guarantee a high-quality production of fine jewels (bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, pendants and many more) at a limited price, crafted in precise perfection, of different thread and color, pieces that reflect the Italian know-how (beautiful and well-crafted items) and that are the result of 100% made-in-Italy design and production.